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Sharon Dalton, CM/EW Intake Coordinator
Sharon Dalton, CM/EW Intake Coordinator
Options for Southern Oregon, Inc., is a non-profit organization established in 1981 to provide psychosocial rehabilitation services for adults with long-term mental illness.

Our programs include: Case Management, Supported Employment and Education, Adult Resource Team, Children's Resource Team, Functional Family Therapy, Crisis Resolution Center, Medical Unit, Mental Health Treatment Study, Gambling and Addiction Programs, Affordable Housing and Consultation and Grantwriting.

Our mission is to serve people of all ages in our community who have mental health needs.  Our holistic approach addresses housing, advocacy, community integration, crisis intervention, therapy, co-occurring issues, education, work, and economic well-being.  We foster the development of mental and emotional health in children, adults, and families, and support our clients' participation as respected members of the community.

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Employment Works office
Employment Works office
Housed in a renovated historic landmark building in Grants Pass, Oregon, Options for Southern Oregon is the result of a grassroots, community-driven movement that sought to provide alternatives in the care of chronically mentally ill adults. The governing policies of Options are grounded in a philosophy of individual empowerment, hope and recovery where people with mental illness are seen as citizens who can and do participate as vital members in the life of the community.



Our strong commitment to identify and promote clients' strengths and assets has lead the agency to be creative and resourceful in initiation of programs that depart from the traditional model. Options' programs have been cited by national publications including Getting Better and The Care of the Seriously Mentally Ill, a joint publication of the Public Citizen Health Research Group and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Options was selected by the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities as one of 24 programs throughout the nation that exemplify best practices in supported employment. Options has developed a national reputation for quality training and innovative treatment approaches. (L to R) Cheryl Luke and Charlotte Thompson
(L to R) Cheryl Luke, Accounting Specialist, and Charlotte Thompson, Administrative Coordinator


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