Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based family therapy intervention that has received international recognition for its outcomes in helping troubled youth and their families. It is a short-term program that is built on a foundation of respect of individuals, families and cultures, but that includes powerful strategies for families that help motivate each member to become more successful in their own lives.  The Options FFT team is skilled in the model and sensitive to family systems and needs.  The FFT team often works with program participants in their home.  FFT focuses on the development of the following:

1. Family support for each other

2. Positive inter-family communication

3. Parents as role models

4. Responsibility and accountability for all family members

5. Personal power for each individual over their decisions, personal and family safety and future successes

Families participating in Functional Family Therapy through Options report improved cooperation at home between youth and adults, better compliance with house rules, more involvement in the family, better school attendance and less running away.  Families also report a decrease in the verbally and physically violent types of behaviors occurring in the home.  Long term tracking of youth who completed the program show significantly reduced rates of recidivism in the juvenile justice system.