Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a team based approach that provides comprehensive psychiatric treatment and support to adults in our communities who have a history of serious and persistent mental illness. ACT is an evidence-based program that has been proven to lessen or eliminate the challenging symptoms of mental illness and helps minimize or prevent hospitalization due to a mental health crisis.

Members of the ACT team include:

  • Psychiatric Provider

  • Case Manager

  • Co-occurring Specialist (mental health and addictions)

  • Nurse

  • Mental Health Therapist

  • Employment Coordinator

  • Peer Support Specialist

The ACT team works intensively with each individual in the community, promoting and facilitating participation in a range of services in addition to teaching program participants the tools needed to live independent, fulfilling lives.  The team teaches and assists with all areas of a person’s life such as obtaining and maintaining housing, employment, education, social relationships and good physical, mental and emotional health.


Oregon Center for Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment

Options operates the Oregon Center For Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment (OCEACT) which provides training and technical assistance to support new and existing ACT programs throughout Oregon. Click here to learn more about OCEACT.