Crisis Resolution Center (CRC)

The Crisis Resolution Center  is a state of the art, co-occurring (mental health and addictions) treatment facility, specializing in providing secure psychiatric and addictions stabilization and respite services for our community and surrounding counties.  The first of its kind in Oregon, it continues to be one of the few programs with “Non-hospital Hold” and co-occurring treatment capability.  The CRC and the CRC Campus house multiple mental health and co-occurring treatment programs and supportive activities such as co-occurring self-help groups and emotional skills groups.

The Non-hospital Hold Program is a five bed secure unit where psychiatric personnel are able to begin treatment immediately to stabilize individuals who are a danger to themselves or others as a result of their mental illness.  Mental Health Civil Commitment hearings take place on-site in addition to the implementation and monitoring of “14 Day Diversions” which help to avert the need for civil commitments. The Non-hospital Hold allows the individual to either avoid psychiatric hospitalization or to “step down” from hospitalization more quickly.  This program focuses on an individual’s mental health needs, or mental health and co-occurring addiction needs, in a non- institutional, community-based setting. 

The Crisis Respite Program is designed to address the needs of the individual who is experiencing, or beginning to experience, a psychiatric crisis.  The availability of this service, wherein the individual participates in inpatient psychiatric treatment on a voluntary basis, helps avoid costly and traumatic hospitalizations and helps to avoid lengthy disruptions in a person’s personal life due to intermittent psychiatric issues.  Individual as well as group treatment, life skills and emotional skills training are provided in addition to medication management when indicated.  Families are encouraged to participate in their recovery journey.  Inpatient stays are short term.

The Co-occurring Inpatient Program is specifically geared to provide substance abuse treatment in conjunction with mental health treatment to individuals with a diagnosis of active substance abuse or dependency and a mental illness who require an inpatient setting.  Certified alcohol and drug counselors with training in mental illness provide individual and group co-occurring (addictions and mental health) treatment and support in addition to treatment services from psychiatric professionals.