Supported Employment – “Recovery through Work”

Options provides evidence-based Supported Employment services in Josephine and Jackson Counties. Options Supported Employment programs are based on a nationally recognized model of Supported Employment known as “Individual Placement and Support." The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model is proven to be successful in helping people find and keep jobs.  Each IPS participant has their own Employment Specialist who works alongside them to coach, mentor and guide that person to find the job of their choosing.  After a person becomes a member of the workforce, the Employment Specialist continues to work with them to ensure that the person continues to experience success in the work place should the employee and/or employer need support.

Options Supported Employment Program in Josephine County, "Employment Works," has one of the highest program success rankings in helping people who have a mental illness obtain competitive employment in our state.  Our Supported Employment Program in Jackson County “The Job Squad” is a newly formed team of professionals experienced and dedicated to helping people find and keep the job of their choosing. This program is already showing impressive results in job attainment and participant satisfaction.

Work is an important part of many people’s lives and Options is pleased to be able help people fulfill their goals and become more fully invested in their community through work.


Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

Options operates the Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence (OSECE) which provides training and technical assistance to support new and existing Supported Employment programs throughout Oregon.